Exterior Illumination

This time of year, it tends to get darker outside earlier than in the spring or summer time. Many times, a buyer will drive by a home a few times to view the neighborhood to see how the home looks during the day and evenings.

That being said, it is a great idea to do the following:

  • Have exterior illumination (lights) on once dusk comes so the home shows well at all times of day.
  • Be sure all lights are working.
  • Take down exterior holiday decorations.
  • Keep walkways clear of ice/snow if any comes. (Also do this for any showings coming up.)
  • Keep a few lights on inside the home in areas at the front of the home that have windows. (This adds curb appeal for those evening home-viewers.)
  • After the holidays, the trend usually is that buyers start looking for possible homes again. If the showings are slow on your home, it may be time to put through a price reduction to recirculate your home so it is seen by more potential buyers!